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    Nadia Brydon

    Nadia Brydon
    Nadia Brydon

    Nadia Brydon

    Nadia Brydon has been practising and teaching many fields of complementary Medicine for over 25 years in particular focusing on ‘green nutrition’. In 2012 when completing a Masters degree in International Public Health Nutrition at the University of Westminster, she undertook a clinical study to test the clinical benefits of raw green vegetables as smoothies as an addition to a normal daily diet with exceptionally promising results. As a result Nadia has become particularly well known for her innovative and simple solutions for people experiencing a wide range of health issues using the evidence from this study. Rather than cutting out foods she will suggest the inclusion of nutrient rich food from which the body (mind and spirit) can use to help itself heal often with amazing results.

    She is also qualified in Chinese and Western herbal medicine, Acupuncture, naturopathy and detoxification amongst many other disciplines of natural medicine. She is also a Hippocrates Health Educator and a Living Light raw and living food Associate chef and instructor.

    Nadia is a NES health practitioner using a revolutionary computerised health screening system which identifies in seconds, health imbalances and solutions to help provide the basis for precise treatment recommendations. The NES software is able to ‘read’ the body-field, organ systems, meridians, environmental toxins, nutrition, musculoskeletal, emotional states and viruses and bacteria. It will then compare the reading with the optimum human body-field. Correction of these imbalances can be vital in helping to understand and resolve health issues. The NES system is able to recommend a unique blend of organic colloidal minerals imprinted with and individualised optimal human body-field as drops in water. In addition Nadia combines the NES system with the miHealth electronic hand held bio-electro stimulation to help to aid health and wellbeing.

    Apart from her private practice Nadia has continued to work part time for the last 16 years as a Senior Therapist at Breast Cancer Haven where she also runs regular classes on green juicing, smoothies, fresh nutmilks and sprouting. Nadia has worked for over 25 years in particular supporting people with cancer.

    In addition Nadia currently teaches modules at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition on the Natural Chef course. She is a nutritional consultant to a number of health companies and over the years has been frequently quoted in the press, radio and TV and regularly lectures at health shows and events both in the UK and abroad.

    She also grows much of her food in the centre of London on her organic allotment.

    Nadia runs a busy private practice in Fulham Broadway. She can be contacted for one to one consultations, teaching, lectures, groups and classes by email:


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