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Mirror Mania is an independently-owned British company, based in Norfolk. They have been creating mirrors and decorative glass products for consumers and businesses for more than 20 years.

They place great emphasis on not only meeting, but surpassing their customers’ expectations in the quality of products, as well as in customer service and realistic pricing.

In Mirror Mania’s workshop, the team of specialist designers, led by mirror artist Phillip Orr, strive to create mood and magic in their mirrors, ranging from traditional to cutting edge contemporary. All mirrors manufactured are made to the highest standard and can be modified to fit any size, colour or finish. Please note, that as each piece of the mirror is hand-cut, there may be a couple of millimetres variance in the finished piece. Also, due to the photography process, some glass colours may differ slightly in the finished piece. If you have any specific colour requirements, please contact us.

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