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Anna Dempsey having trained at The Victoria and Albert Museum and London University in Art History spent seven years in Rome training to be a practising artist. She returned to the United Kingdom in 1979 and spent time training as a Botanic Artist at Flatford Mill. Anna Dempsey also trained and has worked for two decades as a Garden Designer of Historic Houses. Trained by John Brooks well known Garden Designer and Plantsman Anna has a professional understanding and working experience of the plants she paints hence the meticulous detail of these beautiful silk paintings.

In the 1980’s Anna had several exhibitions of her Botanic Work on Silk a process she perfected marrying Dutch flower painting on dark grounds with the Eastern Tradition of painting on Silk. Her process is a secret but she has now established a process of reproducing her work as a limited edition series of prints for the discerning collector. In addition following her degree in Fine Arts at Liverpool University Anna has distilled the Fine Art Process of Installation into a new concept for Interior Design. From the original paintings comes the Limited Edition Prints, and Anna has used the inspiration of these to design Cushions, Curtains, Lampshades, and Throws to bring an installation of the artist’s work into the Home at affordable prices in the current economic climate.

Anna Dempsey’s Original work is in private collections all over the world, and her environmental sculpture can be seen in North Wales and Chester.