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    SpaceGrill Gas BBQ 640TC


    SpaceGrill Gas BBQ 640TC


    SpaceGrill is the world’s first fold down gas barbecue. The award-winning, Australian designed barbecue is the perfect solution for those with limited space, such as balconies, patios or terraces, or those simply wanting to maximise outdoor living space or seeking a clean, design-led look.

    Features summary

    • Unique patented design allows it to fold down quickly when not in use – and then easily pulls up and locks into cooking position as needed
    • Folded down it protrudes only 20cm from where mounted
    • Mounts to walls or other 50kg vertical load bearing structures (portable stand also available)
    • Patented mechanism in mounting bracket allows unit to be quickly mounted and locked, but easily unlocked and moved (indoor storage during the winter months or to alternative locations – extra mounting brackets available)
    • Burners: 3 x high performance stainless steel burners with individual Piezoelectric crystal ignition (total output 10kW)
    • Total cooking area: 64 cm x 48 cm combining a ceramic coated reversible cast iron hotplate (flat and ridged) and chef-grade stainless steel grill
    • Cleaning: Patented internal drip system with removable drip tray for capturing all runoff and fuss free cleaning
    • Materials: Cookbox constructed from high grade 443 stainless steel (durable to both salt and moisture)
    • Safety & protection: 443 stainless steel cover converts to splashback during use protecting adjacent surface from heat and cooking residue
    • Fuel: operates off both mains gas and LPG bottled gas / convertible to natural gas / stainless steel charcoal tray available as an accessory
    • Included: hose, propane regulator valve, Oxford cloth water-resistant protective cover
    • Delivered completely assembled and is easy to install (only mounting bracket needs to be affixed to suitable location)
    • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty as standard / 10 year extended year warranty available (free of charge / conditions apply)
    • Weight: total weight 35kg / pivot weight only 15kg
    • Key measurements: (i) folded down storage position: H 62.6cm x W 66.1cm x D 20.5cm (from where mounted) (ii) horizontal cooking position: H 64.7cm x W 66.1cm x D 65cm (iii) recommended installation height: 780mm

    Space efficient and easy to use: SpaceGrill’s defining feature is its patented fold down design. Assisted by inbuilt handles, SpaceGrill moves quickly and easily from a vertical storage position to horizontal cooking mode (“Space to Grill in 10 seconds”). The pivot mechanism in the mounting bracket locks SpaceGrill into cooking mode when it is raised slightly above horizontal and then pushed inwards, and unlocked simply by pulling outwards and slightly upwards. And when neatly retracted back down, SpaceGrill occupies almost 70% less space and protrudes out a fraction over 20cm.

    Full sized cooking area: Despite offering unparalleled space efficiency, SpaceGrill has an impressive cooking area of 640mm x 480mm, combining a ceramic-coated reversible cast iron plate (flat and ridged) with a chef grade stainless steel grill. These are heated by three individual piezo ignition stainless steel burners, which can operate off bottled and mains gas.

    Visually discrete: Thanks to its compact, discrete and innovative design, SpaceGrill is both visually appealing and unobtrusive in cooking and storage modes; not the eyesore that some deem barbecues to be.

    Easy clean: Another patented feature is SpaceGrill’s internal drip system, which ensures all run off is captured in a detachable tray whether in the horizontal cooking or vertical storage positions (the latter accelerates the process for even more efficient post-cook cleaning). The drip tray can be removed for cleaning, while the shallow, rectangular cook box is easily accessed and cleaned.

    Construction: SpaceGrill is constructed from 443 grade stainless steel. The higher chromium content lessens the expansion and contraction caused by temperature change, with great corrosion resistance, both against moisture and salt.

    Durability: What is a splash-back in cooking mode converts to a lid cover that encloses SpaceGrill when it is retracted down. This feature provides protection from the elements and ensures virtually no water ingress into the unit. A water-resistant black Oxford cloth cover provides additional protection; the combination of these two features delivering unrivaled outdoor durability.

    Assembly and installation: SpaceGrill comes completely assembled and is easy to install. The mounting bracket containing the pivot mechanism is affixed to any wall or other vertical fixed structure with a 50kg load bearing. Once the mounting bracket is in place the unit can be quickly mounted and locked onto the bracket – and just as easily unlocked lifted off the bracket, as and when required (to move indoors during winter months or to alternative locations).

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